Are you tired of giving the same old gift cards to people? Have you tried to get your hands on a PSN gift card? If yes, then you are certainly in luck. Today, there is a new way to get yourself a free PSN gift card without having to fill up for an application fee or wait for a response from a lucky few. Just follow these simple steps and your gift card will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Firstly, sign up with PlayStation Network. To do this, you will need to visit their website. Log in to their PlayStation Network account and select the Sign In option. On the General tab, select the Account tab and then fill up the form that asks for your email address and your PSN username.

You can now choose the option to apply the PSN gift card. Just click on the'redeemed codes' link that you will find at the top of the page. Fill up the form again and submit. You will see the option to send in the codes.

Now, here is the tricky part. This is where you get free stuff using codes. Visit the PlayStation Store and browse through the gifts that they are offering. The most common are the PSOne Classics, games, and trailers. Usually, when you enter in your email address and password, you will be sent codes that you will need to redeem the gift card. However, there are some instances where the PSN website will not send you the codes, and that is why you need to apply for them using a third party application fee site.